Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with progressive management and technical strength, Morimatsu has a rich corporate culture, which helps to provide a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company. We emphasize social responsibility while maintaining a good reputation for the products we deliver. Building a harmonious society with care for our employees and attention to social welfare and philanthropy are cornerstones for Morimatsu.

Care for employees

Employees are the most important asset of our company. They are responsible for our enterprise development and expansion. Morimatsu has more than 5,000 employees around the world. It is important to care for the physical and mental health of all employees and to build a harmonious labor relationship.

  • Fifth Session Morimatsu Fun Games-2016

  • People-oriented, build employee development platform

    Caring for employees is multi-layered. The most important responsibility to our employees is to provide a good working environment and build a platform for staff development. Morimatsu has formed a mature employee growth program including a variety of professional training courses. The objective is to construct an occupational career growth path for employees with a reliable platform for all employees to achieve their life goals. Employee health and family well-being affect the harmonious development of enterprise and society. Morimatsu has organized various events after work, to enrich the lives of our staff and at the same time increase the team cohesion.

  • Management brings heatstroke prevention provisions to employees, such as watermelon, drinks and cold towels.

  • Greeting and acknowledging, thanks for employees’ great effort.

    Morimatsu employees come from all over China. With every festival, there are always some employees that need to remain at the job site and cannot reunite with their families. Morimatsu is thankful to these employees for their sacrifice and remembers these employees and their families during the festival. The company prepares the Chinese New Year's dinner for the remaining staffs, helping them to enjoy the New Year’s holiday and bringing warmth to employees that cannot be with their families.

  • Charity Donation Ceremony for Zhang Huan, a member of our staff-July 2014

    Charity Donation Ceremony Tang Jun, another staff member-June 2015

  • Christen Hong DE, Solving problems for employees

    "Storms gather without warning in nature, and bad luck befalls men overnight." Misfortune can catch anyone off-guard an is often devastating to a family. At Morimatsu, we are a cohesive team and our employees are bound together by ties of fraternal friendship. Whenever a colleague is in trouble, the company is there to help and tries to relieve his/her plight.

Disaster Relief

Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters can affect our lives, hitting in the areas where we live and work. As an enterprise born from water, Morimatsu has the duty to protect the environment and the community. Morimatsu has provided emergency disaster prevention water tanks in China and Japan, to provide safe and healthy drinking water, which is essential for our lives.

  • Earthquake in Wenchuan-May 2008

  • Earthquake in Iwate Miyagi-June 2008

  • Earthquake in East Japan-June 2011

  • Earthquake in Kumamoto-April 2012

  • Annual Blood Drives

  • Public Welfare

    Each year in October and November, Morimatsu organizes an employee blood drive. Most employees are very supportive of blood donation activities and some have donated several times, contributing our strength to patients who need blood.

  • Charity

    Morimatsu knows very well that our responsibility extends beyond our employees. As a good corporate citizen, we are involved in the community, taking care to provide help for people in need and to foster humanism for people in distress. We annually contribute to charities, with donations for 2017 in excess of 50,000RMB.

Environmental Protection

Mankind has only one earth so protecting the environment is a responsibility and obligation that enterprises like Morimatsu must undertake. Morimatsu not only stresses ecological environment protection, and works to save energy, but also actively participates in community environmental protection for the public welfare. This helps us integrate the concept of environmental protection into work and life.

  • Regular maintenance of the environmental protection equipment to ensure effectiveness

  • Regular collection of hazardous waste to be properly disposed of by a third party specialist

  • Utilizing roof space of our workshop to build solar power generation system, generating clean energy. Installing charging equipment at Morimatsu to encourage employees to use new energy vehicles

  • Morimatsu employees participate in the 10,000 meter Dishui Lake Race, to advocate environmental protection and a reduced carbon footprint