Modular Solutions

Leveraging our expertise in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels, we started offering modular pressure equipment in 2005. Modular pressure equipment is a system of facilities that integrate pressure vessels and other facilities, equipment or devices into one module, operate independently to achieve one or more relatively complete process flows, and can be transported, hoisted and installed as a whole.Modular pressure equipment includes process modules and skids, and modular factories by their size and weight. Similar to our business segment of traditional pressure equipment manufacturing, we generally provide a combination of design, procurement and manufacturing, and installation and commissioning services for our modular pressure equipment. We mainly manufacture modular pressure equipment applied in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, and electronic chemical industries.

Based on the demands from our customers, we are able to offer modular pressure equipment including process module/skid and mega-sized modular factory. We usually manufactured, assembled and commissioned structural units, pipes, instruments, electrical system, automatic control system and other spare parts required for constructing modular pressure equipment in our Shanghai and Nantong production bases. After the assembling, commission and FAT of the modular pressure equipment, the small sized modular pressure equipment will be transported to customer location directly, and the medium to large sized process module/skid, and mega-sized modular factory will be disassembled and packaged according to our production manual in our Shanghai and Nantong production bases, and will then be transported to the designated customer site. Moreover, in view of the increasing demand for datacenters, we capitalized on our expertise and knowhow in modular factories and started offering modular datacenters in 2015.