Engineering Service

Morimatsu can provide experienced engineering services with customized design proposals. Using a client generated User Requirement Specification (URS), we can prepare the process flow drawing design (PFD), inclusive of the production process, production capabilities calculation, and unit operations.  After completing the PFDs, we can continue to the P&ID design, and provide more details on process, instrumentation and utilities, as well as the technical specifications on process equipment and utilities used in process system.  Throughout the design process, we will have multiple reviews to make certain that the design satisfies the requirement as per URS.

Advantages of our engineering services include:

• Complete client satisfaction, meeting process demands and providing project implementation and validation plans
• Evaluation of the mass properties of the key products, with paperless recording to enable stability and traceability of all product quality data.
• Proposal to reduce resource consumption based upon the client’s plant lifecycle.