Bioreactor Systems & Fermenter systems

Bioreactor System

Morimatsu has an integrated modular design concept capable of providing customized 10L-20KL bioreactor systems. Morimatsu designs bioreactor systems for suspension or micro-carrier culture.  Batch or continuous perfusion culture can be selected according to the client’s process requirements. Morimatsu offers a biologic engineering laboratory for pilot testing of mammalian cells culture.

Fermenter system

3D visual modeling design can be perfectly integrated with plant architectural design. Professional mixing design is combined with CFD flow field simulation amplification technology, to ensure the stability of the fermentation process scale up. This helps to reduce any equipment investment risk. Morimatsu can supply customized 10L-300KL fermentation systems to meet the needs of anaerobic, facultative anaerobic and aerobic fungi fermentation products. Morimatsu also provides matured process design and professional technical proposals for the expression process of E-Coil or Yeast.