The Clean-In-Place (CIP) workstation is a comprehensive cleaning system integrating tanks, piping, valves, and instrumentation, through the use of automation to meet the user’s specific cleaning requirements. It can automatically adjust time, PH, and temperature among other parameters while displaying images through use of a man-machine interface. This enables all operations to be recorded, simplifying the GMP validation for the user.

Common Features

• Designed according to ASME BPE standards, with a guarantee of full drainability and no dead leg
• Modular design to improve system quality and facilitate faster site installation
• Multiple configurations and portfolios available, fixed or mobile types, single or dual-tank systems, manual or automatic control, with or without heating mode
• All process parameters can be adjusted on user-friendly and easy-to-operate HMI
• Automatic preparation of cleaning detergent concentration by dosing pumps
• Automatic detection of cleaning results by conductivity measurement
• Automatic recording of all process parameter, process data and alarm information
• PLC or DCS automation programming capability, following ISA 88 standard to meet batch production requirement. User can adjust the formula to meet different process requirement
• Fully traceable FDA, EMA, WHO GMP compliant documentation.