Multifunctional filter washing dryers

• Shanghai Morimatsu has introduced an advanced technology from Japan-the Multifunctional Filter Washing Dryer.
• It enables all processes, from filtration and washing to drying and product discharging, in the same closed vessel from a liquid-solid mixture.
• It can be utilized for solid and liquid separation in different industries including pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, beverage and dye chemical.
• The product quality is secured and protected from the environment by eliminating transfers with the use of a single vessels for all operations.  The process room is also protected from contamination.

Major Advantages:

• Eliminates cross-contamination and is environmentally friendly through the use of one closed vessel that enables all processes from filtration and washing to drying and product discharge from a liquid-solid mixture.
• The hydraulics design enables quick open and locking of filtration bottom.  This helps to minimize the operating time and effort required and enhances safety.
• The drive design of our B type agitation system minimizes air disturbances and satisfies sanitary requirement. Only the shaft moves up and down in the tank top head, while motor and reducer stay still. • The agitator blade has a unique s-shaped circular section design, enabling high efficiency heat transfer. The agitator (with 2 blades, 3 blades or double layer blades) has been designed for ease of cleaning and to avoid material residue.
• Both the sample valve and discharge valves can perform SIP/CIP.
• The design and manufacture fully comply with GMP, FDA and ASME BPE. The cleaning liquid from spray balls is designed for 100% surface coverage. We offer an option to perform a riboflavin test on entire machine to provide a report validating 100% coverage.
• The hydraulic tubing is built-in for easy cleaning.
• We can offer a special pre-sales service: We have existing test machines available if the end-user wants to test the filtration rate and aperture of a small scale of material.