Modular Plants

In 2011, Morimatsu acquired Pharmadule in Sweden and successfully expanded its business from process modularization to modular plant solution.

Pharmadule is the global leader for modular plants delivered to the Life Science Industry. Since 1986, Pharmadule has successfully delivered more than 70 modular plants to leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies,including12 the plants located in China.
Modular fabrication and off-site construction remove the critical parts of the delivery of your project from the conditions on your final site, to a safe and controlled workshop environment.  The process and utility equipment are integrated into the modular building in a clean and efficient installation.

As a result of the integration of different specialized sub companies within the Morimatsu Group, we can now provide overall plant engineering solution with unique advantages by combining process skids, maximum offsite construction, and other value added services.